Roboticist offers the trendiest yet most relevant educational robotics programmes with the aims of creating a platform to tap into the potential of creative and innovative young people. At Roboticist, we truly believe that a combination of conducive environment and fun learning programmes augments creativity of young students. Our students strengthen their understanding on the applications and textbook concepts through hands-on building and experimental projects. The three fundamentals - learn-build-play concept will spark the innovative gene in their young minds, easing them into the innovation process.


The inadequacy of innovative and fun programmes made available for public was the main reason behind the establishment of Roboticist in 2014. The team behind the formation of Roboticist comprise of young Malaysian entrepreneurs with vast experience in the field of educational robotics, computer programming, and engineering. Throughout years of experience, we have completed many levels of creative learning programmes in accordance to student age and capabilities. We carefully select the hardware and software introduced at Roboticist, to ensure its suitability and adequacy.


As the pioneer in Malaysia to the world’s fastest growing robotics community – VEX Robotics, we have successfully trained Malaysian teams competing in VEX Robotics World Championship since 2009. We want to ensure that our years of commitment and dedication in crafting the educational activities at Roboticist are not only relevant in classroom learning but most importantly the skills developed will prepare them for the industrial demand in the 21st century. For aspiring entrepreneurs, these teaching programmes will be a great venture as we rapidly progress to make Roboticist a leading global development initiative.